We have developed a system where you can film your classes, load it onto Vimeo and make it available via a page on the web on a paid subscription basis.

You can charge weekly or monthly subscriptions for your students to access your classes.


– Have a page that explains the system to your students (as shown below)
– Have a page on the web with a library of videos of your classes (as shown below)
– Build up an online library of your classes by adding new ones each week
– Viewers pay a subscription – weekly, monthly or annually
– Secure payments direct to your bank account using Stripe or into your PayPal account
– The system utilises Vimeo Pro account allows for approx 2×90 min classes per week (costs you approx $120 per year) larger plans are available

Sample webpage to promote the service



Sample of Class Library page


– Video footage of your classes – using video camera or phone (we are currently testing some inexpensive camera & lighting options)
– You may need a simple video compression app ($5)
– A Stripe or Paypal account (free – payments are less their small commissions for processing)
– A Vimeo Pro account (costs you approx $120 per year)


Original setup $520 + gst one off set-up fee
Ongoing hosting fee $120 per quarter
Ongoing Vimeo account costs $120 per year
We help you though the process of signing up for payments or use your exisiting Paypal or Stripe account.
You give us the login for your Vimeo account and we adjust all the settings required for you so you simply have to upload your videos.
Your webpages can have the same look and feel as your exisiting site (but you don’t need an exisiting website to use this system)
The system uses WordPress so you can easily add videos, edit and add content to your pages.
You also have a full admin to keep track of your subscribers.

Here’s how it works

– You open a Stripe or Paypal account to collect your payments – no cost here
– You open a Vimeo account to upload your videos to – upgrade it to a Plus account (approx $120pa)
– Pass both these log-in on to us and we will look after to configuration for you
(you can change your passwords after this if you wish)
– We will register a domain name eg something like myyogasclassesonline.com.au or similar
– We will set up a stand alone website with the required pages to run the system, house your videos and collect your payments
– You upload your video to Vimeo (1 or 2 per week for the “Pro” Vimeo account)
your videos are hidden from the internet in general, they cannot be downloaded or posted anywhere except for your website
– You have full access to your webpages to add the videos – a simple copy & paste process
– Promote your site however you wish
– Your visitors go to your site – join as a “Subscriber”
– They can join as weekly, monthly, annually – whatever timeframe you wish
– They make their payments and get an email receipt
– They are given instant access to your “Video Library”
– When the subscription ends the system generates an renewal invoice for your customer to renew

Contact me, Brett Stephenson, by phone 02 6687 5140 or email brett@smartarts.com.au if you have any questions.